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The best Italian wines at exceptional discounts.


Today, we have top Italian red wines for under $30. Actually, many are even under $20. The wines in this collection are all great deals. They are affordable and are from top Italian wineries, making them some of the best Italian wine values you can get.

Choose from Brunello di montalcino, rosso di montalcino, barbara, chianti classico, sparkling brut, pinot grigio and many more.

How can we offer such great values you may ask?

Well, the story begins with The Italian Selection which was a very high-end Wine Club that has ceased operations.

We bought their remaining stock and are now offering these bottles of wine at a discounted price to you. The reduction starts at 50% off the original retail price. The specific discount may vary depending on the bottle you decide to purchase.

Go to the Italian Selection website to read about their wines and see the prices at which they sold them for.


Homepage | The Italian Selection


The Italian Selection Manifesto

The Italian Selection aspires to identify, select and promote to the US market, excellent Italian wineries and wines, characterized by the fact that they are family-owned, produce top quality wines, foster the protection of the territory and have a story to tell.

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