Cabernet 2019 by Visintini in Friuli Colli Orientale, Due Bicchieri

Due Bicchieri Gambero Rosso


30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 70 % Cabernet Franc, ALC 12.5%

Intense ruby red in color shading towards violet,  slightly fruity perfume. Dry and dry taste

The winemaking used is a french term delestage;

Delestage is a fermentation and maceration technique used in red winemaking from grapes that gently extracts phenolic compounds by oxygenating the juice to produce a softer, less astringent wine exhibiting more fruit character. (The word “delestage” is from the French “délestage.” It means “lightening,” in reference to the separation of juice and grape solids. It is pronounced day-leh-staj.)havve a lower concentration of tannins and a higher concentration of esters, key compounds that contribute fruitiness (Leahy, 2000).


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