Chardonnay Chiaramonte DOC 2021 by Firriato Sicily

100% Chardonnay   No Oak

7 Months Sur Lie in Stainless Steel

The Di Gaetano family have chosen to cultivate it in the Dàgala Borromeo Estate, where the exposure and terroir permit this variety’s aromatic content and intensity of fragrances to find their best expression. The deep, fertile soil, of a sandy loam nature, forges a balanced wine with a full, fresh flavour. It is the perfect interpretation of the unmistakable Mediterranean style that only white Sicilian wines are able to express. Chiaramonte Chardonnay exhibits all the nobility of this variety thanks the care and precision of Firriato’s cultivation methods.

TASTING NOTES Color: bright straw yellow with marked shades of green. Nose: elegant and greatly charming aroma, where scents of exotic fruits, like pineapple, banana, mango and papaya, can be easily felt. Palate: full and fresh taste, at the same time sapid and with good acidity and persistence, harmonic in entering the mouth and delicate in finish. Characteristics: an extremely stylish and elegant wine; discreet and well-mannered but notwithstanding this still persuasive, its delicate approach is remarkably modern.


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