Prosecco DOCG 2022 Valdobbiandene by Serena Wines 1881

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Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiandene DOCG
The Highest level of Prosecco
Extra Dry

From the area Valdobbianbene
satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs. Bright straw yellow with refined and persistent perlage. Its bouquet is complex with scents of rose, jasmine, wisteria and acacia. Fruity notes of apple, banana, pineapple with mineral hints.

Serving suggestions: It is an ideal wine for all occasions, particularly suitable as aperitif to enjoy together with friends. It goes perfectly with delicate appetizers or fish-based dishes.

Prosecco is available as brut, extra dry and dry, in order of driest to sweetest. If you prefer your Prosecco in a drier style, you want to be looking for 'Brut', which is allowed up to 12g of residual sugar per litre. 'Extra dry' means it has 12-17g/L, and 'dry' can be 17-32g/L.

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