Etna Bianco DOC 2019 Le Sabbie Dell' Etna, 91 Pts JS

Grapes : Carracante 80% Catarrato 20%
aged 3 months "sur lie", on fine lees in stainless steel tanks with daily shaking  

TASTING NOTES Color: clear straw yellow with greenish shades. Nose: powerful with distinct hints of yellow flowers like mimosa and broom exalting fruity aromas of white peaches and ripe pears. Palate: it is a wine of great breadth; the taste is full and rich in texture with a lingering saltiness. Its lasting freshness and fragrance fill the mouth creating a unique experience that only the varietal vocation of its blend can give. Characteristics: it is a lively example of white wine produced on Mount Etna thanks to the sensations it gives to the mouth and nose with deep outstanding breadth complexity. Its sweeping sapidity affords an enthralling and ss. A magnificent fruit of wine-making on Mount Etna.

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