Bordeaux Rose', 2017 Chateau Grand Verdus

a rosé for relaxing.

With its atypically light color for a Bordeaux rosé, this fruity wine will brighten your evenings and long-drawn out summer dinners.

The main varietal used in this fruity, fresh and rounded wine is Cabernet, and the intensity of its fresh fruit notes and superior drinkability will surprise you.

Varietals: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet franc, 20% Merlot.

"I am loyal to Château Le Grand Verdus – in the summer we love to surprise our friends with the rosé. It is an unusual wine with a very light colour, which is uncommon for a Bordeaux wine. It is also very fruity and therefore ideal for long, lazy pre-dinner drinks and barbecues!”
Sylvie, Bergerac (24), customer from Bergerac

$12.99 $9.99

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