Morelino di Scansano DOCG , 2020 Ghiaccio Forte



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An outstanding value buy, the Tenuta Ghiaccio Forte 2018 Morellino di Scansano Ghiaccio Forte opens to a beautifully rich and darkly saturated appearance. Up until this vintage, the wine was 85% Sangiovese with 15% Syrah. Starting with this excellent 2018, the wine is pure Sangiovese from one of the wildest and most untouched corners of Tuscany. This classic vintage delivers sharp intensity and a focus that gives the wine tight and delineated lines. This Morellino delivers a medium weight, followed by enough tannic firmness to pair with veal steaks or pork chops. Tenuta Ghiaccio Forte is the estate of Filippo Chia (of Castello Romitorio) in Scansano closer to the Tuscan Coast. Monica Larner, 15th Oct 2020

Ghiaccio Forte is one of the finest expressions of red wine from the Maremma. It is a powerful and silky blend of Sangiovese and Syrah from our own vineyards on the gently sloping hills of Scansano. The vines are tended by hand using only sustainable methods, and also carefully picked by hand at the point of optimal ripeness.

This wine combines freshness and structure with a blend of predominantly Sangiovese, notable for its elegant cherry fruit, and a portion of Syrah giving backbone and lending a smoky leather character to this coastal Tuscan red wine. The wine is savory, with a notable maritime influence, and a perfect balance between earthiness and ripe red fruits, with a hint of dried spice on the finish. cherry fruit, and a portion of Syrah giving backbone and

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