ICE Wine , 2018 , St. Joseph Vineyard, Grand River Valley

100% Vidal Blanc Grapes, Estate Grown

  This special award winning Ohio Ice Wine is produced from a blend of white grapes that have been left to hang until they are frozen then picked and pressed to extract a very concentrated juice often accentuated by Botrytis.  A rich wine with intense fruit character including apricot, peach and pear flavors.  Softened by a residual sugar of over 15% this wine can be appreciated by many non wine drinkers as well.  Serve this wine with on special occasions or to compliment fruit based deserts.

This is a special unique wine produced after the grapes freeze on the vine sometimes late into January.  The grapes are picked while still frozen and pressed immediately to extract a more concentrated juice leaving frozen ice water crystal behind.  After a 24 hour settling period, the clear juice is racked into stainless steel tanks then inoculated with  yeast.  A slow cool fermentation helps maintain the unique intense fruit flavors we try to achieve.  The finished wine is racked, finned and filtered to maintain these qualities. 375 Ml


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