Olive Oil , By Marramiero 500 ML

Extravirgin Olive Oil - 500ml

Our passion for high quality food and for the coking art has always pushed us to search and obtain the best from our land. ”L’Olio”, the
extra virgin olive oil, is a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet and we are “tied up” with it because it exalts taste and flavours
of our gastronomic tradition. We started to cultivate that passion together with a fellow countryman, that is today one of the best
international experts of extra virgin olive oil sensorial analysis. Together with him, we selected soil, olive varieties and also the cultivation
practices and techniques, which are all made by hand, following the traditional experience. The final process, to obtain the extra virgin
olive oil, is made thanks to the most innovative technology, that allows us to maintain at best the fruits that our earth has generously
given to us. After several years of hard work and care we have obtained a superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that will be the witness of taste
and flavour of our land all over the world. The colour is green with yellow reflexes. The aroma is complex and harmonious thanks to theRegions of ItalyWine Types
fruit nuance of delicate almond, and to various herbaceous tones of artichoke and of some special white and yellow flowers, that we
can smell at the beginning of May, in the early morning, when the dew wets our fields and the breeze come from the seaside. In
addition to this olfactory multi-sided elegance, at the palate you can perceive some fine spicy and bitter hints, that contribute to give a
touch of refinement and balance. Our ”Olio” extra vergine di oliva, is excellent to prepare the “bruschetta”. It is ideal to salads, pea,bean and vegetable soup, fish dishes, and to give to all the traditional dishes a touch of elegance

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