Sicily is like a small continent surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. People have grown grapes in Sicily for thousands of years.

Sicilian wine varieties differ going from the West to the East.

Sicily has such a large biodiversity in it's growing regions that this wine collection page does not include Mt. Etna.

We have a separate collection for Mt. Etna in Sicily.

In Trapani we have wines from the Firriato and the Fina wineries. In the Victoria appellation we have the Judeka winery.

Firriato and Fina grow their grapes organically while Judeka is Biodynamic.

The Firriato Winery is 100% carbon neutral and is the first zero impact winery in Italy.

The Italian labeling rules are stricter than those in the USA, but the US doesn't recognize them. As a result, the US prohibits labeling organic Italian wines as organic.

Sicily is famous for its special wines, such as Grillo, Cattarato, Insolia, Zibibbo, Perricone, Frappato, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, and Chardonnay.

Sicily literally has it all. Sicily is a great place to visit it takes many trips to see it all.

We offer some of the best wines of Sicily to satisfy any wine lover's palate.

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