Super Tuscan Wines from Tuscany Italy

Many of the important and famous wines in Tuscany are called Super Tuscans.. This name was invented by Robert Parker who found notable interest in these wines and helped them become famous world wide.

Super Tuscan It is an undefined term that usually refers to a wine that is mostly Sangiovese with Cabernet , Merlot or Syrah added. The term is not on the Label because Italy does not recognize the Term. The higher acids of the Sangiovese combined with the more fruit in the Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah brings out a impressive taste.

A Super Tuscan is often the signature of the wine-producer; a precious wine that sometimes are difficult to find outside the latest vintage - or even to get a taste of. For this reason the Super Tuscans (just like Brunellos Barbaresco  and Barolos)  are collectible wines and are in wine cellars around the world.

" Wine is a location, Beer and Whiskey are recipes. Tuscany is a great location for Sangiovese combined with Cabernet and Merlot!" Ciao Daniel

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