Chardonnay Wines

The Chardonnay grape is probably the most widely planted grape variety in the world.

Burgundy and Chablis France are considered the Holy Grail of Chardonnay 

We have a great selection of Chardonnay wines. They will be somewhat similar because they are all made from the same grape, Chardonnay. Yet they will be stylistically different because they have different Terroir and how much oak influence each wine has. 

 Chardonnay has one of the widest-ranging tasting and aromatic profiles of any grape variety – both red and white. That’s because the taste of Chardonnay is heavily influenced by the climate and terroir it’s grown in the ripeness at harvest, and methods of aging.  In general, Chardonnay is known to be a relatively dry, medium-bodied white wine emanating fresh, crisp notes of pear, guava, lemon-peel, and apple.

We believe that Chardonnay lovers will love our selection of Chardonnay.

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