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A great buy

This Amarone della Valpolicella is a steal at this price. The wine is smooth and very drinkable with meat , pasta or just casual sipping. Highly recommend it. I have been drinking wine for nearly 60 years and this is one that would be in the top 20.

Lovely Wine

It is a dry full bodied Pino with a grand Bouquet.

excellent wine

This is a very flavorful Pinot Noir. I normally purchase a different vintner's Pinot Noir on Wines from Italy website. I tried this. It will become one of my favorites.

Excellent Amarone

Really easy drinking... drink it now...every day

Good Wine


A complete delight

This was our second order and we are very pleased with our wine. The shipment is always on time, packed in a beautiful box and taste like straight from Italy. We are beyond pleased.

This is our favorite

We have been drinking this chianti many months. It is our favorite red house wine yet special enough to serve guests. The flavor is full.


A nice smooth wine.

If you’re new to Sicilian grillo, try this one.

Sicily has become one of the “it” wine producing regions in Italy, and its resurgence/discovery is currently being fueled by white wines, Grillo among them.
Historically this grape was used mainly for
Marsala and also shipped north to put into vermouth. But the Sicilians have discovered (to our benefit) that it’s just a dandy refreshing white wine on its own if tended carefully and produced with some thought.

Midweight, with some nice tropical fruit and decent acidity. Some people liken Grillo to an unoaked Chardonnay; maybe in terms of weight but the flavors in Grillo are often more exotic.

For the price this is really worth exploring.

Great example of Falanghina

Terre Stregate is one of the most noted producers of Falanghina out in the eastern sections of Campania near Benevento. Light to mid weight, crisp taste, still plenty of acidity and a nice finish. Worth getting while it’s available.

Excellent wine

A full bodied wine. Mellow and easy drinking. Nice finish, plenty of blackberry and plum. Can not beat it at this price. Drinks like a 30 dollar wine. Buy some now.

A gift

Bought as a gift for a friend
They loved it

Amazing wine

This is an amazing wine. Bold, dry with a great depth of flavor.


The wine is lovely and at a good price point. We have made it one of our house wines.

very nice

beautiful set. highly recommended

A white fizzy Frappato? Oh, I just had to buy it!

Looking for an off the beaten path wine? Yep, here you go! I love Frappato, juicy red fruited with a minerally character, food friendly, just a lovely wine, so how would a almost no skin contact white one with a fun bit of fiz work? Oh, yeah skippy, very well! The wine has the barest blush of pink in the glass, its fiz is very gentile, even softer than an Asti. Its just off dry, with a strawberry candied note, a bit of lemon, and orange peel along with a slight wet rock touch. So drinkable! Medium bodied (the fiz makes it feel bigger though) nice medium finish and a solid hit of acidity to help clear off your palate. Fun and playful wine! I just bought more to keep for the next warm day on the porch! One caution, take your time pulling the cork, it's bigger at the end than the top of the neck and make sure its chilled!

El Aziz 375ml BY Fina
Carl Cadregari
You should try this!!

Oh, this is good one, extremely unique (no marsala here!) late harvest wine with maybe the little touch of botrytis? Golden lemon in the glass, a touch of green when you swirl it. Just lovely. The nose and palate are perfectly in synch, its lusciously sweet, candied yellow apple, preserved lemon wedge, pineapple juice, apricot preserves and a touch of dried earth with a full body supported by a linear acidity that just brightens up all the fruits and balances out the sweetness for a clean, but very long finish. Yeah, i just bought more!


We are enjoying our wines.

It's delicious as an after dinner drink.

Just a Lovely Wine!!

This is a quaffable red. In the glass it’s a medium ruby with a touch of purple. The nose and palate are synchronized, nicely aromatic crisp red cherry, pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry, violet and orange pith and a touch of roasting spices. Lower tannin, dry with a high acidity that makes it oh so juicy. Medium body and perfectly integrated alcohol. Just a lovely very pop the cork and drinkable wine.


A really great wine and smooth going down. Well worth the price!

Fantastic Producer!

We had the opportunity to visit them in Piedmont and fell in love with their wines. The Pinin is a lovely mid-range Barolo that hits way above its price point. Delicious! And I'm so happy that I can have it delivered to us in the US.

Masterful wine

Layer upon layer, oak, plums, tobacco, learhery but supple. Great nero from Sicily

You have to taste this

So different from typical Sauvignon of Loire or New Zealand, shows great work of vintners,easily drinkable thanks to nice balance of fruit,acidity,jasmine bouquet .
This is not tiresome wine, it will provide great company to seafood, light risotto’s or chicken/pork dishes.

Nice Surprise

Nice presentation of great flavors of Friulano, with small amount of Sauvignon it brings just right amount of acidity, nice bouquet,nice accompany to seafood, risotto or white meat dishes.