Mt Etna Wines

Welcome to our selection of Mt Etna wines from our carefully selected Mt Etna wineries.

The wine-producing region of Mt. Etna in Sicily has recently been the subject of significant interest.

Mt Etna's unique conditions create wonderful wines. These conditions include dark volcanic soils, high altitude, snowy peaks for five months, and being close to the Mediterranean Sea.  

The vines themselves are also unique to the Mountain, the reds Nerrello Mascalese and Nerrello Cappuccio and the white Carracante.

Mt Etna's dark volcanic soil is not suitable for the bug phylloxera, a global grapevine pest.

There are pre phylloxera vineyards over 150 years old on Etna. We have a wine, Signum Aetna Rosso Riserva from such vines.

We have two wineries from M Etna. Firriato and Al Cantara. Great unique wines.

We also have a good selection of other Sicilian wines that are not from Mt Etna.

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