Meursault Les Vireuils, 2017 by Domaine Labry

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Origin Notes:
Both parcels are located in the locality "the Vireuils", located north of the village of Meursaut and up the hill.
Vineyards, aged 30 for a plot and 50 years for the other, are oriented to the east and dominate the village. The
plot is classic marl limestone type, Meursault and perfectly suited to the expression of

Harvesting is done by hand, and acting relatively late plots, as late as possible for a complete maturity.
Traditional vinification with fermentation room and stirring during the first weeks allows the revelation of
aromas of Chardonnay in the deep soil.

After aging 10 months to a year in the cellar, the wine is racked and assembled for bottling.

Tasting Notes:
Color "green gold", Meursault is dominated in his youth by aromas of white flowers, then the nose evolves
into fresh butter, honey and hazelnut. On the palate, flavors of white pears are supported by good minerality,
which begins after 2-3 years to grow to deliver fragrances white flower honey and lime, with a hint of hazelnut.
Meursault the Vireuils is always emphasized by the freshness of the mineral, as opposed to other lieudits south
of the label marked with the roundness

Fish in cream sauce, cheeses of Burgundy (Citeaux, Epoisses) and elsewhere, cooked white meat.