Pecorino DOP, 2021 by Marramiero

  Pecorino is the Name of the Grape and the wine. A Unique wine to the region Abruzzo and it’s neighbors

Ancient rites were celebrated twice a year, in Autumn and in Spring.
These rites symbolized the cyclic and never-ending quietness and awakening of nature in the countryside: “The Celebration of Life”, where strength and revival are reflected in the ear of wheat. Cyclicity and regeneration are rites of passage that confirm the essential moments of life like the transhumance, when the flocks of sheep moved, from the hills and mountain areas towards the littoral zones in wintertime and returned back along the same route in summer time, eating “pecorino” grapes. In the same way, our wine, the “pecorino” preserves the color of blond wheat, golden with bright reflections. Its fragrance is distinctive and based on persuasive essences of fruits even tropical, such as mango, melon, grapefruit and particular spicy nuances. Full and harmonious taste of long persistence.
Suggested to go with delicate appetizers, first courses with white sauce even of fish; to be served at the temperature of 10/12°. Alcohol content 13%.


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