Catabbo Winery in Molise Italy

The Catabbo winery is in the region of Molise and the province of Campobasso.

The Vineyards have a view of the Adriatic Sea. It's a beautiful place that Ciao Daniel has visited twice. The main grape is Tintilia.

In 2004, thanks to the aptitude of Vincenzo Catabbo's  children Sarah, Carla and Pasquale, to make a change to the company by creating a modern cellar for the vinification of his grapes, paying especial attention to the enhancement of the quality of the wines produced; in this project, the rediscovery and vinification of native variety “Tintilia”, takes on a primary role.

There are 3 farms belonging to the Cantine Catabbo; for a total of 80 hectares, of which 40 cultivated with vineyards, all rigorously in rows, on steep terrains with a medium clayey consistency.

13 are the hectares of Tintilia.

  • The historic Contrada Petriera Estate, full of small slopes: “Colle Cervino”, “Colle del limone”, “Colle dei Frutti”
  • Kept at the Convent, consisting of small merged farms; it is said to have been the first large agricultural company established in the countryside of San Martino in Pensilis, originally owned by a noblewoman family of the place;
  • Estate at Calvario, a small hill, on top of which, in ancient times, was placed Calvary of San Martino in Pensilis and where it was recently made the planting of other vine shoots of Tintilia

From 2019 all the production is entirely Certified Organic and wines are vinified with indigenous yeasts.

Thanks to the care of the vineyards, situated on terrains particularly gifted and the use of modern winemaking techniques, today the company has received numerous awards in national and foreign markets.


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