Marramiero Winery in Abruzzo

The Marramiero family has cultivated grapes since the beginning of the last century. After a careful selection of existing rootstocks in the sixties and seventies, they planted new vineyards to expand production.

Another important step came in the early nineties when Dante Marramiero, in an effort to marry modern technology with traditional agricultural methods, builds the current winery
Fascinated by a landscape that passed in quick succession from the peaks of Gran Sasso, through the rolling hills of the Masseria Sant’Andrea, and down to the sea, Dante Marramiero quickly appreciated how a vineyard could flourish on the land that belonged to his family


“I urge you never to betray work, from wherever it comes, desire and love it. If you lose it, find it again, because in it, you will find fidelity, serenity and well-being.”

This quote expresses the spirit of a man who built his life’s philosophy from his work ethic.

The Farm

The Masseria Sant’Andrea vineyard is located in the heart of Abruzzo on a summit 270 meters above sea level. Here, for more than a century, the Marramiero family dedicated itself to the cultivation of indigenous vines such as Montepulciano and Trebbiano as well as other international varietals of considerable stature. Today, we continue to do this with the passion and dedication that has been handed down over generations. This tradition has been the lifeblood of the land that has always yielded its finest, and uniquely Abruzzese, fruit.

Marramiero wines are the fruit of this legacy, combining a love of the land with a respect for progress.

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