Mastrodomenico Winery

Our vineyards extend for about eight hectares along a small hill on the slopes of Mount Vùlture, the ancient extinct volcano of the Quaternary era of Basilicata.
They enjoy optimal sunny exposure and constant ventilation, so as to guarantee – thanks to the care and dedication in cultivation – high quality at each vintage. The area is of particular naturalistic and historical value. We are, in fact, along the route of the Via Appia Antica, the Regina Viarum, and downstream of the Eneolithic agglomeration (Copper Age) of Toppo Daguzzo.
In this small oasis where urbanization is not present, time seems to have stopped and ancient history relives in our steps, which seem to follow those of the ancient peoples who inhabited this area and who first cultivated the vine.


Aglianico del Vulture

The Greek origin of Aglianico, which would take its name from the Hellenic word is quite documented, despite the further hypotheses much discussed in the academic world.
At the foot of the volcano, the Aglianico del Vulture acquires unique and autochthonous characteristics, such as minerality, its flavor, and intense ruby red color, which give it elegance and great aging capacity.
The manufacturing process requires extreme dedication: Aglianico grapes are very delicate and require maximum care, as their berries are small and thin-skinned.
From Vigne Mastrodomenico the grapes are usually harvested in October and taken immediately to the cellar, a small jewel carved into the rock, with a perfect balance between temperature and humidity. It is the perfect environment for the maturation and storage of wine.




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