Petra Winery in Tuscany


Near the ancient village of Suvereto, land of the suvere, majestic oaks produce cork on the iron hills of the Val di Cornia and with a glimpse of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
It’s here, in the spectacular nature of the Maremma, that the magic of Petra was born.

Organic farming and sustainable production practices, men and women who tackle the work of the land, the vineyard and the winery with a light hand and clear ideas. This is how Petra products were born, from wines to oils, till specialty spirits.

A natural predisposition can be a limitation or an opportunity: the final result depends on its interpretation, on the people who work the land with devotion and competence to extract its essence. The area of Suvereto is rich of winemaking traditions which go back to the time of the Greeks and the Etruscans, who made wine in amphoras, and who carried out a prosperous metal trade here. But the land’s pedigree is not enough, especially when it is so nuanced: Petra is a collection of landscapes and microclimates, a series of substrates


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