Vegis Winery in Gattinara, Alto Piemonte

Vegis, Gattinara (Alto Piemonte)

Stefano took over the cantina from his father-in-law back in 2010. The Vegis family had been making wines for generations, but up until recently, the juice was mostly sold to large local producers.

A small ‘Garagista’ producer, Stefano Vegis owns small parcels in multiple vineyards in Gattinara, including the renown ‘Osso’, ‘San Francesco’, ‘Lurghe’  and ‘Uccineglio’. The age of the vineyards varies from 70-80 to 20 years old and are all vinified manually, following natural viticulture techniques when possible and traditional vinification methods at the cantina.

Stefano is a humble producer who believes that only hard work in the vineyard can produce wines that repay the effort made.

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