Firriato Winery - Sicily

Firriato is an iconic Sicilian winery.

The di Gaetano family owns the estate, which boasts organically grown grapes. The winery prides itself on being 100% Carbon Neutral, Zero Impact, and Organic certified winery. 

Firriatos grapes are cultivated across six estates: Baglio Soria, Borgo Guarini, Dagala Borromeo, Pianoro in Trapani, Calamoni on Favignana Island, and Cavanera on Mount Etna.

Firriato's wines, crafted from both indigenous Sicilian and international varieties, are considered world-class, as are their facilities. A visit to Sicily should include a visit to Firriato. Ciao Daniel has visited Baglio Soria and plans to visit Cavanera Etnea on his next trip.

Enjoy exploring our fine selection of Firriato wines.  

If you are interested in visiting, Firriato offers three hospitality facilities: Baglio Soria in Trapani, Calamoni di Favignana on Favignana Island, and Cavanera Etnea on Mount Etna. 

Cavanera Etnea | Firriato Hospitality Etna - Resort & Wine Experience


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