Firriato Winery - Sicily

 The Firriato winery is an iconic Sicilian winery.

  • Owned by the di Gaetano Family.
  • Estate grown grapes.
  • Organically grown grapes.
  • The winery is 100% Carbon Neutral and Zero Impact certified.
  • Three Hospitality Facilities: Baglio Soria in Trapani, Calamoni di Favignana on Favignana island and Cavanera Etnea on Mt Etna.
  •  Six Estate where the grapes are grown: Baglio Soria - Trapani, Borgo Guarini - Trapani, Dagala Borromeo - Trapani, Pianoro- Trapani, Calamoni on the Island of Favignana and Cavanera on Mt. Etna.
  •  Their wines are made from indigenous Sicilian Varieties and also with International varieties. 
  • Their wines are truly World Class as is their facilities.
  • Your trip to Sicily should include a visit to Firriato. In Trapani they have Baglio Soria, on Mt Etna they have Cavanera Etnea and on Favignana Island they have Calamoni, Ciao Daniel has visited Baglio Soria and plans to visit Etnea is late 2021. All of Sicily has many places to Visit. near Baglio Soria in Trapani there is the Town of Trapani, the mountain top town atop Erica and the salt field of Marsala.  Mt Etna is a must to see and near there is Syracuse and the town of Taormina and much more. 

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