Fratelli Ferrero Winery - Piedmont

Fratelli Ferrero Winery, Fratelli Ferrero Cellar, Fratelli Ferrero Wine

Ferrero Winery is in the region of Piedmont and the Appellation of LaMorra

Renato and Nina Ferrero own and operate this small estate winery. the vineyards consist of Pinin, which is on the hillside near their home and winery, Gattera which is a famous Hill in LaMorra and Manzoni which is a Famous Hill. On Manzoni which is the highest and dryest Vineyard, they have one Hectare, 2.2 acres. Other wineries also have vineyards on Manzoni and Gattera. Pinin is all Ferrero's.

Ferrero wines are an excellent producer of Barolo wines from the Appellation La Mora.

Ferrero has three Vineyard designated Vineyards. 

Ferrero is an excellent place to visit. Small run by Renato Ferrero and his wife Nina

Ciao Daniel has been there twice.

Renato Ferrero prepared a plate of Rissoto made with his Barolo. It was great.



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