Gamberro Rosso Wines

Gambero Rosso is the leading authority on Italian Wines.

Every year they publish a directory of the wineries that they review.  They reviewed 2,634 wineries for their "Italian Wines 2022" It's a positive review, only mentioning wines that receive a positive rating. They use a glasses system, the highest rating is Tre Bicchieri, 3 glasses. Gambero Rosso releases their annual Italian Wines review in early April every year the time of  VinItaly in Verona. The Great Italian wine trade show.

We are also including wines that receive Due Bicchieri, 2 glasses. Gambero Rosso will only give a winery one Tre Bicchieri rating, therefore the Due Bicchieri  could be of the same high quality as a Tre Bicchieri or very close.


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