Gotto d'oro Winery in Lazio


The Gotto d'oro winery is in the Provence of Rome in the region Lazio.

The land where the grapes are grown is called Castelli Romani. It is a Cooperative.

The territory of the Castelli Romani is one of the most suitable areas for viticulture and the production of quality wine. Here the vine finds its natural habitat and even before the Romans, in 753 BC, it was skillfully cultivated among olive trees, elms, and cherry trees.

The territory of the Castelli Romani was born from the collapse of the Lazio Volcano, which occurred a few hundred thousand years ago. The entire area of the inner belt of the Castles was the main mouth of the Lazio Volcano that collapsing gave rise to various secondary mouths, of which the most important was the current Monte Cavo.

A volcanic territory, such as that of the Castelli Romani, is a vigorous and fertile soil as it is young, virgin, and little exploited, rich in minerals, above all potassium, and poor in calcium and active limestone. To this fertility must be added a further element of vigor which is the presence of water in the subsoil. This good availability of water means that the soils of the vineyards do not suffer from water stress and it is indeed in the hottest years that we witness the highest quality productions.

The hills have always been an ideal territory for viticulture and Lazio is represented for 55% by hilly soils of volcanic nature. The plain represents 20% and is concentrated along the coast, in the provinces of Latina and Rome. The mountain, which is located within the region, represents the remaining 25% of the regional territory.

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