Miglianico winery - Abruzzo Italy

Miglianico Cellar, Miglianico Winery, Miglianico Wine

Miglianico is a co-op winery located in the town of Miglianico. It has 300 Growers. Co-ops have come a long way in Italy. They are of course great for the town and the growers. a Co-op allows the growers to have experts instruction them how to grow and make better wines. It is working well at Miglianico.

Of course the main grape is Montepulciano d' Abruzzo. We have three different Montepulciano's of Miglianico. Their star is  IL Fondatore, named for their founder, Montupoli, named for the area Montupoli and Miglianico named from the town.

All of the three feature great Price/Quality ratio.

Ciao Daniel has visited Miglianico right at the end of harvest. It was a busy place.

If you visit Miglianico my contact is Dott.ssa Dernalisa Di Tizio.

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