Nittardi Winery in Tuscany

Nittardi is a boutique winery situated in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, with vineyards in Chianti Classico and the Maremma.

Nittardi is Wine & Art. The Casanuova di Nittardi Chianti Classico labels are created each year by an internationally recognized artist.

The Nittardi Estate, on the boundary between the provinces of Siena and Florence, was originally a defensive tower known as early as 1183 by the name of “Nectar Dei” (The Nectar of the God). In the 16th century, the vast property belonged to the Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti who, in 1549, while finishing the Sistine Chapel, wrote to his nephew Lionardo: “I’d prefer two casks of wine rather than eight shirts.” On that same occasion, Michelangelo also sent Nittardi wine to Rome as a “genuine gift to the Pope Paolo III”. Today, in honor of that tradition, every year the first bottles of Nectar Dei, the top wine from the Maremma vineyards, are presented to the Pope.

The Wines

The Nittardi wines are : three Chianti Classico’s and two Super Tuscans.

The Vineyards at Nittardi

The vineyards of Nittardi represent the heart of the estate located in Castellina in Chianti. In total, at the Nittardi estate itself, we have five different plots of 9 hectares each. The youngest vineyard (Doghessa) is planted at the high density of 6,667 plants per hectare, while the other vineyards have a per-hectare density of 5,500 plants.

The Villa Rosa Vineyard

This old vineyard is located close to the beautiful hamlet Villa Rosa, south of Castellina in Chianti. Most of the vineyard is over 40 years old, while a small parcel was replanted in 2010 with a high density of 6,667 plants per hectare. .

The Mongibello delle Mandorlaie Vineyards

The vineyards in Maremma are south of Scansano and close to Montiano, only eight kilometers from the seaside. Maremma started with our vision of producing wines that reflect this Mediterranean and wild terroir.

Nittardi - Wine, Art & Hospitality


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