Roccolo del Lago- lake Garda The Veneto

Roccolo del Lago, 30 Ha

The estate extends along the eastern shore of the lake, embracing the morainic hills, in a unique and spectacular landscape that will enchant your eyes. Here, where Lake Garda regulates the climate of the area and mitigates it to guarantee an average annual temperature of 15 ° C, expert hands follow the cultivation of the vine with loving care and dedicate themselves to the production of quality wines, combining the traditional experience with the most modern winemaking techniques. From these lands, we select the best grapes for the production of Roccolo del Lago wines: fruity and fresh, that best represent the Garda wine production.
Sentinel of the vineyard stands the ancient “Roccolo”, the tower once a refuge for hunters, witness to a millenary tradition on the route of migratory birds

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