Torti Winery in Lombardia

Torti Vineyard, Torti Winery

The Torti Winery is about 30 miles south of Milano, across the Po River. In an area called Oltrepo Pavese. It is a family business headed by Dino and Giusy Torti with daughters Patrizia and Laura. 

 They Specialize in Pinot Nero grapes and wine. Nero in Italian is black, Noir in French is black. You will see their wines called Pinot Noir and Pinot Nero. 

  Barbera is Torti's next most important grape. Their Terroir is unique suited for Barbera,

  and their creations of Barbera excellent.

 The Torti's also have agriturismo and the Torti's do this exceptionally well. It is a visit that you will be glad that you encountered.

 Ciao Daniel has visited the Torti Winery and loved it. 

The Torti family boasts ancient traditions of Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines. Today the family owns a vast area of land which is cultivated entirely with selected grapes, worthy of the production of fine wines. We look for the future in respect of our past and traditions…our history continues, living passions and emotions day by day.


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