Le Luna del Vesuvio Winery - Campania

The Forno family owns the Le Luna del Vesuvio winery located on Mt Vesuvius.

I met Andrea Forno at Vinitaly in Verona as I looked for a Lacryma Christi, the Tears of Christ. Forno's Lacryma Christi was by far the best. They use the label le Lune del Vesuvius.

Later on, during that trip I traveled up Mt Vesuvius tothe Le Luna del Vesuvio winery. Andrea's wife has a small trattoria at the winery. The foods are more than excellent. 

The soil at Le Luna del Vesuvio is like the soils on Mt Etna in Sicily. I suggest you compare the wines from the two Volcanoes. 

I also suggest a visit to the winery if you are in the area. The area considers itself to be the home of Pizza. 

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