Scacciadiavoli in Montefalco Umbria

Scacciadiavoli is one of the oldest properties in Montefalco.


The name, Scacciadiavoli (from “scacciare” – to banish, and “diavoli” - devils), refers to an episode of exorcism in the 14th century . The story tells of a young woman possessed by the devil who was made to drink some local red wine by an exorcist, banishing the demon.

The appellation of Montefalco is the home of the Sagrantino grape .

Today the Sagrantino grape produces great structured, elegant, complex red wines, with great personality and excellent aging potential. Since 1992 Montefalco Sagrantino Secco e Passito is protected by the DOCG brand.

It is a late ripening variety characterized by an enormous polyphenolic heritage, has a medium, orbicular, trilobate leaf; the cluster is medium or small, cylindrical or cylindrical-conical; the grape is medium, spheroidal, with a rather thick black skin and covered with more or less abundant bloom. It prefers medium-textured, siliceous-clayey soils; has an irregular production. Badly resists winter and spring colds.

Thanks to its thick skin and rich in tannins - Sagrantino is among the grapes with the highest content of polyphenols.


For some years the fourth generation of the Pambuffetti family has also entered into business, Amilcare, Iacopo, Liù, Romeo and Fiammetta. To date, the winery boasts 130 hectares of surface, of which 40 are planted with vineyards, with a production of about 250,000 bottles. The vineyards are located at an average altitude of 400 meters above sea level, on clayey and medium-deep soils, very suitable for a quality viticulture focused on late varieties such as Sagrantino. The vineyards occupy various slopes of the hill reaching the municipalities of Montefalco, Gualdo Cattaneo and Giano dell'Umbria.
Ciao Daniel has visited Scacciadiavoli and was greatly impressed. The building all are completely restored, there is a wonderful tasting room and it is close to the town of Montefalco. This is a must to visit.

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