Vite Colte Winery in Piemonte

Vite Colte Winery, Vite Colte Winery Piemonte

Vite Colte vineyards and winery is in Piemonte. 

 Vite Colte means the art of cultivating the vine. An appropriate name for a co-op. Meaning, owned by the growers.

 The co-op has 180 winegrowers with 300 hectares of vineyard all in Piemonte.

  A co-op allows for having a very professional staff of agronomists and winemakers.

  Small growers by themselves could not afford this expertise, Vite Colte produced a wide selection of wines from the Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes. WinesFromItaly has a very good selection of both. Vite Colte wines are rated at the very Top

  Ciao Daniel likes the selection that includes Barolo from the appellations of Barolo, Serralunga, and Montforte. This gives you a taste of the different terroirs of Barolo.

 The Barbaresco's also provides selections, Vite Colte also has excellent Nebbiolo's that are very good and affordable. The Barbera's also provides a selection with La Luna EI Falo being the star.

  WinesFromItaly has started with their great reds. You will see us adding their whites and Rose'. They has a wide and great selection


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