Vite Colte Winery in Piemonte

Vite Colte vineyards and winery is in Piemonte. 

Vite Colte means the art of cultivating the vine. An appropriate name for a co-op which is owned by the growers.

The co-op has 180 winegrowers with 300 hectares of vineyards all in Piemonte.

The Vite Colte co-op allows the growers to hire a very professional staff of agronomists and winemakers.

Small growers by themselves could not afford this expertise, Vite Colte produces a wide selection of wines from the Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes. WinesFromItaly has a very good selection of both. 

Ciao Daniel likes their Barolos from the appellations of Barolo, Serralunga, and Montforte which will give you a taste of the different terroirs of Barolo.

Vite Colte's Barbaresco's, Nebbiolo's, and Barbera's are all very good and affordable. 

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